Mission Statement

The Signal Processing and Instrumentation Section (SPIS) provides the NIH Intramural Research Program (IRP) with electrical, electronic, electro-optical, biomedical, mechanical, computer, and software engineering expertise for projects that require technology development of novel biomedical laboratory and clinical research enabling systems, instrumentation, and methodologies. As the central, on-campus, engineering resource within the IRP, the broad range of SPIS engineering knowledge and experience establishes a strong infrastructure fostering interdisciplinary, multi-investigator, cross-Institute technology incubators and high-risk high-reward research. The majority of SPIS activities require first-of-a-kind instrumentation design, software development (both for instrument control and signal analysis), in-house fabrication, and overall collaborative validation in laboratories and clinics. 

With 40+ active projects, SPIS has collaborated with 18 NIH Institutes and Centers on technology and methodology development projects.  These collaborations support NIH research initiatives, including: systems biology, genomics, proteomics, bioimaging, precision medicine, brain, and neuroscience. In-house capabilities and accomplishments have established SPIS as an engineering focal point that strengthens the IRP interactive environment facilitating science through successive iterations of theory development, experimentation, and design innovation.